What is the ScreenService?

The ScreenService is the only service the Engine starts up by default, it manages your game state and what to draw and update when.

What is a Game Screen?

A game screen is a "state" of your game, this could be a menu, a settings page, a network lobby, in-game, etc. This splits the code from your major game states into separate "screens". Only the "top" screen is drawn.

What is a Popup Screen?

A popup screen is exaclty the same as a game screen, but is handled differently, if there is a popup screen in the stack the current game screen will not update, but any popup screen drawing will occur on top of the main game screen. Popup screens can be used for in game pause screens, dialogue popups, and other actions that should pause the game state of the main game window.

How do I gain access to the ScreenService?

Where ... is a specific function. To move to a new game screen use PushGameScreen(...), to move back to the previous use PopGameScreen(), if you pop a game screen you lose its state, so keep this in mind (ie. this is when you would want to save data, etc).

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