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About RapidXNA
A simple framework that aims to make starting up new XNA projects for Windows, Xbox 360 and Windows Phone 7 easier. Using RapidXNA you should be able to easily port between the 3 platforms with only minor code changes to your projects.

RapidXNA 2.0 Alpha is available (it was meant to mimic functionality of RapidXNA 1 for now. If someone can confirm that RapidXNA 1 works on XBOX I can move it from Beta to Final release and focus on development of RapidXNA 2.0 that will hopefully in the end support Windows, Mac, Linux, Windows Phone 7, and Xbox 360. Furthermore, after RapidXNA 2.0 Release is ready I would like to look into extending to include Android and iOS eventually (if possible).

RapidXNA 2.0 worked out well, and much easier to use for the game development during Ludum Dare than I could have hoped for, but once again I got stumped by the Visual Studio built-in functions for creating "copy for" Windows Phone and the problem most likely propogates to the Xbox 360 version, so after some thought and sleep Im going to stop development of RapidXNA in favour of building a system that works in a unified way for 2D game dev on all platforms I want to support. I will post more about it when I get what I want to do right.

The RapidXNA 1 and 2.0 code will remain here though I will most probably not actively do development on the code any more. Should anyone want to take over the dev of RapidXNA send me a message/email and I can hand over project ownership.

Please refer the the documentation for examples on how to use the framework.

Latest Changes:
  • Added RapidEngine.Exit()
  • Fixed accessibilty to RapidXNA.Service.ScreenService

Old Changes:

Projects using RapidXNA
Galactic Jump - coming soon

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